What You Missed

Advancing Data Center Construction: West 2023 will unite Clients, Contractors & Designers from Washington through Arizona to address the most pressing challenges affecting project delivery of high-quality infrastructure in this region - such as tighter regulations and harsher geographical conditions, as well as ongoing supply chain disruption and labor shortages.

With 25+ hours of world-class content and 12+ hours of networking with industry trailblazers, you don’t want to miss out!

This will be your best opportunity in 2023 to collaborate with link-minded 100+ End-Users, Colocators, Designers, Contractors and Modular Firms. Join us and establish 1-2-1 connections with speakers and attendees during our speed-networking sessions, participate in live Q&A sessions and share deep-diver insights during our pre-conference workshop day. Industry leaders such as Google, Yondr, Clayco, Microsoft, and McKinstry are already signed up to attend, so join this year to meet potential project partners and build cutting-edge data centers on time, on budget and on scope.

Highlights include:

Hear real-life case studies from industry disruptors who have leveraged innovative technologies to stay ahead of the curve

Uncover the latest techniques to develop energy-efficient, sustainable and clean energy data centers

Uncover the latest techniques to develop energy-efficient, sustainable and clean energy data centers

Discover the latest procurement and supply chain methodologies to overcome supply chain disruptionalleviate inflating costs and build on time, every time

Drive collaboration with all project partners, as well as regulatory agencies and utilities, to optimize efficiency and productivity, streamline approval processes, and accelerate speed to market

Establishing a proactive contingency plan for climate concerns in western states to prevent unforeseen disruption occurring

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