8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Chris Totin Chief Construction Officer, Cipher Mining

Overcoming the Labor Shortage

8:40 am Panel: Leveraging Relationships With Other Firms & Unions to Get Ahead of the Labor Shortage & Secure the Ability to Pursue New Projects

  • Nate Knittel Mission Critical Division Manager, Dynalectric Oregon
  • Trent Smiley Senior Superintendant, Whiting-Turner Contracting Company


  • Evaluating some of the most successful sharing and partnership agreements that have been put in place to ease labor availability
  • Debating the most effective techniques to acquire the right skilled workers from other industries
  • Maintaining regular dialogue with your partners to engage them as soon as possible in times that you need support
  • Examining the potential to bring in national partners outside the data center market: What are some of the most successful strategies having been adopted?

9:30 am Audience Discussion: Exploring Innovative Methods to Overcome the Labor Shortage & Ensure It Doesn’t Prevent Projects From Getting off the Ground


  • Discussing the success rate of job fairs and current methods to attract new employees to determine whether continued investment in these is worthwhile
  • Utilizing grassroots programs to attract talent from educational institutions
  • Collaborating with Owners on methods to tap into a more mature labor force that haven’t previously considered working in data center construction to expand the recruitment pool

10:10 am Morning Refreshments

Sustainable Construction Approaches

10:50 am Case Study: Overcoming the Challenges of Incorporating Next Generation Cooling Equipment

  • Seth Davis Principal Mechanical Engineer, McKinstry


  • Uncovering the benefits of the different liquid cooling systems out there to guide your investment
  • Highlighting the technologies promising to be at the forefront of liquid cooling as it becomes the mainstream system to invest in
  • Discovering the provisions you can place in existing systems that can tie in and support new liquid cooling technology as we transition from one to the other

11:30 am Audience Discussion: Understanding the Most Impactful Initiatives Being Explored to Meet Evolving Project Sustainability Goals


  • Getting on the same page as End-Users in regards to their sustainability goals
  • Assessing how sustainability initiatives can vary from project to project for a comprehensive picture on the input Contractors can give to aid decision making
  • Aligning with federal sustainability mandates, meeting customer’s requirements, and still producing a cost effective data center

12:10 pm Lunch Break

Looking to the Future of Data Center Projects

1:10 pm Exploring What’s Driving Geographical Trends in the Data Center Market: Where Is Future Demand Headed?

  • Nishi Kapoor Director, Global Labor & Services, Supply Chain


  • Discovering the up-and-coming regional hot spots emerging for new clusters of data centers and forecasts for how these will evolve in the coming years
  • Benchmarking regional idiosyncrasies in types of infrastructure and understanding why they exist
  • Assessing how regional shifts will impact your business and how you can set yourself up for success in the coming years

1:50 pm Panel: Hearing Owners’ Predictions on the Future of the Data Center Market


  • Confronting the conflicting reports on whether the data center industry is slowing down or Owners are still seeing the same spike we have experienced in previous years
  • Gaining insight into upcoming technology, how to implement it, and how it could impact future data center construction
  • Revealing Owners’ predictions for the data center market in the next 10 years: how might it evolve, and where will that leave Contractors?

2:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Chris Totin Chief Construction Officer, Cipher Mining

2:40 pm End of Day Two