Pre-Conference Day

Monday 17th July 2023

Optimize Prefabrication Strategies on Your Projects

1:00 pm Workshop A: Exploring How Prefabrication is Changing the Partnering Approach on Projects

  • Chris Totin Chief Construction Officer, Cipher Mining


In order to maximize prefab savings and truly streamline workflows, traditional Workshop Leaders: project partners need to adapt their attitudes, approaches and scopes of work on projects. Join this workshop to explore evolving business models, partnering strategies and workflows to set up your project for success.

  • Identifying how the introduction of prefabricators changes the scope of each project partner Identifying how the introduction of prefabricators changes the scope of each project partner
  • Sharing alternative partnering strategies and altered procurement timelines to maximize the input of all parties from design through construction
  • Discussing the emergence of third party prefabricators, their different business models and how you can best work with these suppliers to streamline onsite integration of new products

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm Workshop B: Mastering a Collaborative Prefabrication Process to Optimize Efficiency & Streamline Project Timelines

  • Taylor Gilmore Operating Group Integrated Construction Director, Mortenson
  • Jason Hopper Director of Project Development & Preconstruction, Mortenson
  • Michael Kisch Senior Design Phase Manager, Mortenson


Prefabrication requires more collaboration than ever from all parties if it’s going to be carried out successfully. In this workshop you will learn how to master project delivery when employing high volumes of prefabrication by examining common challenges, management structures, and schedule optimizations you can also make.

  • Uncovering the common challenges prefabricators face on construction projects and how you can better support them
  • Discussing who takes the lead on coordinating collaborative efforts, successful strategies employed, and how these relationships can be maintained across the project lifecycle
  • Integrating a robust schedule that includes critical path items, roles, and logistical responsibilities of all partners